Natural Resources

Tackett Legal Practice Area Arkansas is the "Natural State," as such we are faced every day with how to achieve effective management of the natural resources available in the State.

Today, the greatest challenges for clients who rely upon the State's natural resources for business, recreation and enjoyment are ever changing state and federal legislation, increasing regulatory control and competing interests for rights to harvest, cultivate, extract and market diminishing natural resources. Whether a client is in need of advice regarding water, oil, natural gas, timber rights or other naturally occurring resources, Tackett Legal has the skills to effectively guide clients through complex legal, financial, practical and political issues.

Oil and Gas

We perform title searches and render title opinions in order to ensure our clients good title and the safe and legal payment of royalties.

For those clients who are considering a mineral rights sale or even the purchase of property from which mineral rights may have been severed, it is imperative that they receive good advice on the rights they wish to sell, transfer, purchase, or retain. Tackett Legal has experience in oil and gas with a long history of Arkansas property law which makes for a perfect fit.


We have successfully plead claims across the spectrum of toxic tort litigation including, but not limited to, claims for asbestos exposure, exposure to hazardous substances, the sale of hazardous or toxic substances and industrial accidents involving hazardous or toxic substances. We have extensive experience in handling the legal and factual issues that arise in environmental and toxic tort cases, including the identification and engagement of qualified expert witnesses to contest liability and damages.

Tackett Legal is adept in the management of environmental and toxic tort litigation, including the extensive discovery process that often takes place in such matters. Our understanding of the science, medicine and law at issue in these cases permits us to communicate effectively with judges and juries.

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